Reflections from Main Street

There was a time I was really productive.

Dennis and I had committed to getting up early and spending an hour or so, everyday, doing something that moved us forward.    Several days a week, I moved my body (I exercised). The other days, I moved my mind, seeking inspiration to push entrenched thought patterns off dead center. I felt alive. I felt excited. I felt flexible. Good things began to happen.

Then one day, I slept in.

You know how it is… life got really busy. There were a lot of wonderful things going on in our life and I needed to be rested up! I knew I’d get back to my schedule tomorrow.

“Tomorrow” became “next week”.  “Next week” became “never”.

This weekend I had the opportunity to “man the sidewalk sale” in front of the pharmacy.  From 9-5, I sat out on the sidewalk. It was about 103. It was hot. It was uncomfortable. My feet got sunburned. And… there was a lot going on in the heart of Main Street. Merchandise moved. Sales were robust. Interesting activity buzzed all around. Engaging conversations were had.

  • There was a film crew from Australia shooting a segment for HGTV.
  • The stagecoach rides ferried people about.
  • I ran into the person I’ve been meaning to have an important chat with.
  • Another person ran into me that had been carrying a burden and we were able to lift that from him.

Then I got too hot. I went inside for lunch.

It felt good to retreat to an air conditioned office with some yummy pad thai and a good magazine. I relaxed. I cooled down. I settled in. It would have been all too easy to stay there the rest of the day, and yet, the action was on Main Street. I needed to move myself out there to be a part of it.

Today, it hit me that mental and physical progress is much like the sidewalk sale. If we want to progress, we have to be engaged. To be engaged takes sacrifice…it takes the giving up of comfort, ease, relaxation, distraction and entertainment so we can be in the middle of activity…In the middle of new ideas, fresh inspirations, superior reflections so we can think better.  In the middle of stretching our body, elevating our heart rate, practicing our balance so we can move better. 

When we think better, move better, we are better.

I guess that means tomorrow I need to get up early and do something better than indulge in another hour of sleep. I’m looking forward to it.

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