Wake Up!

We need to wake up.

Today, there was a bombing in a London subway. Again. The 5th terror attack this year.

Yesterday, North Korea launched a missile capable of destroying our Allies and our fellow countrymen.  Again. The 13th missile launch this year.

Our response?  We’re fighting each other. Today it’s St. Louis. Last night, it was Berkeley. There’s a civil war in this country with Americans fighting Americans as the war on democracy, on freedom, on all we hold dear nears ever closer to our shores.

We have common ground if we’re willing to look for it.  We can agree to open the door wide to anyone that wants to EMBRACE democracy, is willing to WORK for the American dream and is willing to SACRIFICE anything to UPHOLD what America stands for. That’s our fight. Let’s fight for that. Does the pathway to citizenship need to be reformed? Yes. Do we welcome, with open arms, those that want to work for and embody the American Dream? Yes. Absolutely!

But that’s not everyone.   And we can no longer afford to be naïve to that fact.

Europe is paying the price for naiveté.

The American Dream is too precious, too sought after, too hard earned by Main Street America AND the tired, “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” to be so disregarded by the naïve thought that thinks anyone who makes it to our shores wants to embrace our Country and its values.

We have to wake up, stop fighting each other and start fighting for all that America stands for.

America is too precious to destroy it from the outside.  She is FAR too precious to destroy it from within.

Time is ticking.  We have to wake up.

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  1. Judy Puthuff

    Terrific analysis. There is no “free” speech anymore; our college campuses are flooded with professors who came out of the radical movements of past decades. The well of young minds is being poisoned, and I contend it is deliberate sabotage of our democracy. We are not raising a generation of thinkers—look at the mass appeal of Bernie Sanders campaign, with its “free for all” message. Where has the work ethic gone? Where has the promise of the American dream gone? Who is willing to sacrifice, to save, to reach for lofty goals, to embrace noble values, to work for the good of future generations? We do need to be alert and defensive of this “noble experiment” that is our democracy. You, dear Wendy, are a bright beacon—God bless you for shining your light!

  2. Vi tara

    Wendy, from your lips to God’s ears. A great commentary on the plight and possibility for our country. I don’t know how to reverse the teachings of two generations of entitlement, since those folks are now teaching that same doctrine to a third generation of young Americans. Those of us left, who remember the reality of self responsibility and reliance are disappearing, leaving a terrible legacy for our descendents. It will be a long road to recovery
    I think it starts with “Workfare”,wherein every welfare recipient had a job to earn his support. Working people can take pride in their accomplishment, and move forward. To sit and be supported with no reciprocal effort breeds self contempt, and opens the “you owe me” door. No time for all the nonsense and there are so many jobs…from logging ruined timber, to road repair, to park maintenance, on much more…as well as working in child care facilities so the parents can earn a living. A lot of organization, a lot of protest will ensue. It has to be done or we leave a legacy of shame and helpless ruin for our families. My rant…and my strong opinion, to which I claim the right as a hard working American who “earned the dream”.


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