Vote “NO” on Measure K


Don’t be fooled.  Measure K goes way too far! 

Measure K is NOT about stopping the Clay Street/ Cedar Ravine Roundabout…it’s already been stopped!  On July 8, 2014, the City Council VOTED TO PULL THE ROUNDABOUT AS AN OPTION at that intersection.

This is really very simple.  Regardless of how you feel about that intersection, or roundabouts in general, the actual language of the General Plan amendment that would go into effect if Measure K is enacted is frightening!

 It reads…“The City is prohibited from constructing or utilizing, and is prohibited from requiring any public or PRIVATE person or entity to construct or utilize the traffic features commonly known as “roundabouts,” “traffic circles,” or ANY SIMILAR TRAFFIC FEATURE on or with respect to any public street or roadway anywhere within the city limits.  In no event shall the City’s standard or other street specifications or improvement requirements include any requirement for the construction and/or the utilization of any roundabouts, traffic circles, and/or any similar feature.  In no event shall the City carry out or approve a project to construct and roundabouts, traffic circles, and/or any similar features as a condition to the approval of any project or the issuance of any permit or permission unless such project is approved by popular vote.

So, would the City have to use YOUR taxpayer dollars to hold an election on a cul-de-sac planned in a neighborhood?  That’s a “similar traffic feature”.

What about the circular driveway by Building C at the County Government Center?  Would that now be illegal unless we voted on it?

What about the well-functioning circular driveway at Marshall Hospital?  Would we have to spend YOUR taxpayer dollars to hold a special election! *

Measure K would add expensive, needless bureaucracy to our City.  We already have processes in place that allow you to make your voice heard; we don’t need to hold an election to do that.

Most importantly, I resent the freedoms we are being asked to give up with Measure K!  The idea that a PRIVATE PERSON can’t “construct” or “utilize” “any similar feature” on “any roadway” without a popular vote takes away YOUR rights as a citizen and as a resident.  To think that the whole city should have a right to weigh in on what happens in YOUR neighborhood is preposterous.

Let’s take each project as it comes and weigh the pros and cons of each proposal on its own merit.  To paint a broad brush over future planning starts a dangerous precedence, and to design a community by ballot initiative shackles our city with respect to funding and planning.

Vote “NO” on Measure K.  Even if you don’t like roundabouts, vote “NO”.   Some roundabouts make sense, others may be problematic, and let’s take them one project at a time.

Measure K would strip away YOUR property rights and cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars needlessly. 

“K” goes way to far, and we need you to vote “NO”…STOP THE MADNESS NOW.


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  The main problem with Measure K is that the wording on the initiative is unclear and open to interpretation.  For example, when it refers to regulating “any public street or roadway anywhere in the city limits”, does it mean “any public street and any public roadway”  or is it “any public street and any roadway”, public or private?  That’s very different.  Upon further investigation with staff, it would seem that Measure K would only apply to public streets and public roadways, meaning that the circular roadway around Marshall Hospital and the government center would not be affected.  However, if you look at the pictures of both projects, they have “similar features” to the definition of a roundabout, and to me they are examples of how this feature could work well in the right circumstance.




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  1. Patty Borelli

    If someone were to vote yes after reading your blog, there’s got to be something wrong with them! Hopefully everyone will check out the facts and determine you are so correct! Well spoken TRUTH!


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